Advanced and Strategic Negotiations Masterclass

Designed for the key decision makers who are accountable for IR or EA negotiating matters.  This includes IR/HR practitioners or senior managers responsible for the EA negotiating strategy and lead negotiators.  

This annual, one-day workshop reviews the most current EA negotiating issues facing employers and how they are likely to play out in the future.  We discuss issues that will change the way employers should approach and plan for tomorrows EA negotiations.  This includes the need for flexible work practices; how to get existing restrictive EA's cancelled; engaging future employees on a less permanent "as needs basis"; why employers should be pro-active on the family violence leave; the Coles decision and how this affects the BOOT process and EA applications.

We also encourage attendees to bring an EA issue to the workshop for brainstorming and discussion.

 We will review all key topics, including:

  •  The new requirements to ensure employers now meet the BOOT for marginal employees, post the Coles decision.

  • The FWC’s willingness, in certain circumstances, to cancel EA’s. Does this allow employers to now get out of restrictive EA’s with business limiting work practices?

  • The urgent and economically driven requirement for more flexibility when engaging workers. Global competitiveness requires businesses to hire services and employees on an "as required" basis. How do we include this in future EA’s?

  • With a shift toward flexibility and quick decision making and less permanent workforces, how do we deal with employee commitment, productivity and culture?

  • The pressure on employers to provide for Family Violence Leave either via unions or, legislation will only grow. How can employers, at a relative low cost, provide for this now?

  • A move away from confrontational negotiations toward a more collaborative approach is being heralded as the "new negotiating approach". What prospects does this have across the wider economy?
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This workshop shares new and practical ideas and strategic techniques with managers which challenge the old traditional thinking of how to bargain with employees and unions.


Senior executives, directors and company decision makers responsible for the IR negotiating portfolio, experienced HR/IR practitioners responsible for directing or leading EA negotiations. This session is suitable for experienced EA negotiators.


  • EA making – what has changed over the last 12 months? Why are some employers choosing to walk away from negotiations?
  • Collaborative/Interest-based bargaining – how does it work in practice?Is it right for your organisation? What are the risks and opportunities for employers?
  • Each attendee is encouraged to bring a current, topical IR/EA issue facing them, for discussion and evaluation.

Advanced and Strategic Negotiations Masterclass
Melbourne Stamford Plaza
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Location & Date
Melbourne - May 22 2018
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