Adelhelm Australia’s approach to workplace and industrial relations is unique.

The combination of education, strategy, operational solutions, cultural change, and bespoke approaches to enterprise negotiations provides a holistic service that’s unparalleled in the industry.

We believe that these methods can prevent the complexity that industrial relations are often associated with, and instead turn it into a positive, proactively managed managerial discipline.

We also believe that every organisation is different, and that one size does not it all. We tailor our service to what will specifically make your business better. 

We work with you to pick the services you need, some of our most popular services can be accessed here:

  • Workplace and Industrial Relations – Strategic and Operational management
  • Enterprise Bargaining
  • Cultural Audits
  • Management Coaching
  • Industry Benchmarking
  • Compliance Services

Consulting Services

Workplace and Industrial Relations - Strategic and Operational management

We develop long-term strategies that mitigate risk of disputes, but also optimise your workplace by enhancing relationships and productivity.

Unlike others we will ride with your management team on a day-to-day basis, providing operational advice, and 24-7 on-call advice if you require. This is how we prevent issues, instead of just coming in to resolve issues without addressing the underlying causes.

This work also includes Adelhelm Australia’s unique Industrial Relations Audit tool which assesses your organisational IR risk profile and quickly identifies risk areas – the first and only of its kind in the industry.

Enterprise Bargaining

Our strategic approach is unique, but tried and tested, and works in harmony with the more traditional elements of our industry, as well as more modern approaches to enterprise bargaining (such as interest-based bargaining).  Our enterprise bargaining services are optimised by the preparation and strategy already developed and in place before you get there.

Our Enterprise Bargaining Services include:

  • Negotiation strategy of single agreements or multiple agreements
  • Enterprise Agreement Bargaining that includes project management of the whole process, holistic bargaining strategy development including business case and bargaining mandate, advising, and coaching your bargaining team, and then either provide consultant or lead negotiator services at the bargaining table.
  • Communication and engagement strategy to support your bargaining, encompassing entire consultation process design, key message formulation and consultation packs.
  • Compliance requirements that manage your entire process in a watertight manner, such as procedural matters, EA Audits and the preparation, documentation, and analysis for your Fair Work application.  

agreement audit

Many organisations are crippled by restrictive terms in their enterprise agreements. We are experts in modernising agreements so they aid productivity and flexibility improvements.

Contact us today for a FREE AUDIT where we analyse your enterprise agreement for opportunities to:

Remove restrictive content, Increase flexibility, Simplify terms. You receive a confidential consultation and summary of recommendations for FREE!

Cultural Audits

The prevention of issues starts with Adelhelm Australia’s cultural audits, another unique aspect of our services. These holistic workplace reviews inform the building of strategies on issue management and longer-term cultural reform.

We bring a fresh set of objective eyes that can take the helicopter view of your business to see the things that might be too close for you to identify.

We know what can determine your workplace culture and we know how to look for and find the critical issues that are causing you pain points.

If further investigation is required, Adelhelm can forensically investigate issues at your workplace and find where the problems stem from, not just the symptoms.

Management Coaching

Integral to Adelhelm Australia’s approach is its ongoing attention to your needs and education for prevention rather than just resolution. We provide one-on-one or team coaching and mentoring programs on industrial, workplace and employee relations for your senior and executive management to imbed the right principles and managerial practices for cultural change in your business.

Industry Benchmarking

Adelhelm Australia monitors the entire landscape and provides up to date industry reporting on terms and conditions for employees, both EA or non-EA, to help formulate strategy, expectations, and approach.

It well help inform you on remaining (or becoming) competitive on the labour market, identifying risks, forecasting future labour costs, and guiding your workforce planning.

Compliance Services

Adelhelm Australia also provides general compliance management and advice on EA, award, and contract interpretation, meaning we cover all aspects of your Workplace and Industrial Relations needs.

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