Industrial Relations and Culture Audits Australia wide

Keep your finger on the pulse

The most important asset of any business is its people. If they feel like they are heard by management and their views are taken into account, you can avoid many workplace disputes.

An industrial relations audit is essential for finding out how your employees feel about your company, its operations and its management team.

We offer independent, unbiased investigations into your employment relations process and practices, allowing you to identify both real and perceived problems which could be hindering employee motivation, diminishing productivity and preventing growth.

An industrial relations audit is a quick and practical first step for working out where your current industrial relations strengths and weaknesses lie and identifying how you can improve processes, procedures or behaviours to improve relations with your employees. 

Our industrial relations audit is ideal for Australian companies that need help with:

  • Managing employee, union or management conflict;
  • Improving low levels of trust between management and employees;
  • Improving communication and relationship barriers between management, employees and unions

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"Adelhelm & Associates have provided a range of expert advice and consultancy services to the RACGP on a number of significant employment issues.

Their highly skilled consultants provided us with a full and detailed analysis of our existing Enterprise Agreement, advice on how to approach negotiations by supporting us to determine the internal and external industrial climate. We were able to establish a strong foundation for our industrial relations platform in a prescriptive and complicated environment.

Adelhelm & Associates have also supported the RACGP with their specialist knowledge in a significant industrial matter. Their consultant handled a workplace investigation on our behalf as an independent and impartial investigator. He managed the matter with professionalism and demonstrated a comprehensive understanding of the relevant legislation whilst understanding the sensitive nature of a number of related issues.

I have enjoyed working with the team at Adelhelm & Associates and would recommend them to support your workplace IR and ER matters."