Managing Poor Performance

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This simple, practical workshop will help participants understand poor work performance, then teach them how to deal with employees in a positive, patient and professional manner. Learn practical techniques for improving employee performance as well as step-by-step dismissal procedures should employees not improve. This workshop is designed for front-line supervisors and managers.

  • Understand the difference between poor performance and misconduct and the different process required for each
  • Be clear on the distinction between ‘dead wood’ and poor performers before taking action
  • How do you quickly improve poor performing employees work output
  • Setting clear and measurable performance standards for employees
  • A simple step-by-step approach for poor performance management


A simple, practical process that is easy to understand and implement. Participants will gain an understanding of the elements which make up poor work performance and learn practical techniques for improving employee performance quickly - failing this, a step-by-step guide for dismissing poor performers.

Who should attend?

This workshop is designed for managers, front-line supervisors, HR and IR practitioners as well as anyone who wants to sharpen up on this process.

Workshop Content

Understanding the different elements of day-to-day work performance

  • Understanding the difference between poor performers, ‘dead wood’ and misconduct
  • The rights of the employer/employee/union
  • The elements that make up performance
  • How to ensure performance standards are met

How to set standards and measure individual work performance

  • How to measure performance
  • Identifying appropriate forms of measurement
  • Identifying key outputs
  • Short-term vs. long-term performance management

Understanding performance counselling/coaching

  • What steps to take in dealing with poor performers or ‘dead wood’
  • Understanding the nature of the performance counselling process
  • How to speed up the process

Fair dismissal for ongoing poor performance

  • Understand the rights of the employee
  • The obligations of the employer
  • Following the correct process to ensure dismissal is fair and reasonable

Please note, the workshop program may be subject to minor content and session order changes. 

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