Linda Nunn

Linda Nunn is an industrial relations specialist with over 15 years’ experience across diverse industries. She has a proven ability to develop, align and integrate strategic industrial relations initiatives to enhance an organisation’s capability. With a strong track record in all phases of an organisation employee relation’s cycle, Linda has negotiated many complex agreements in her previous National IR Manager roles.

Linda’s key competencies are:

  • Developing industrial relations strategies to differentiate businesses from each other through employee practices, robust negotiations and use of change management principles;
  • Partnering with clients to improve the outcomes of enterprise agreement negotiations;
  • Building strong networks with clients to ensure industrial relations is always considered a valuable and key business function.

A number of Linda’s achievements include:

  • Negotiating a union agreement in Victoria’s Bass Strait that set the lowest increases in the offshore oil and gas sector;
  • Submitting Award Modernisation suggestions to Fair Work Australia, which were adopted in the relevant Modern Award;
  • Being a member of the Australian Mines and Metals Association Board’s IR reference group;
  • Giving evidence at the Senate Enquiry related to FIFO workers;
  • Developing a Fundamental Rights at Work Charter for international organisations;
  • Leading Influencing Skills Workshops in both Australia and Europe.