Planning & Preparation for Enterprise Bargaining

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Often companies either leave planning to the last minute, or spend so much time focussed on what they're seeking, that they forget that there are other factors involved. 

This session will bring your negotiating team together and all on the same page in regards to the upcoming EA negotiations.


One of our experienced consultants will assist you to fine-tune and test your strategy for your upcoming Enterprise Agreement negotiations.  This session can be facilitated either over half a day or a full day and is ideally held a couple of weeks in advance of starting the bargaining process.

Who should attend?

This session should be attended by the company's full negotiating team, as well as anyone actively providing support to the team (other operations specialists, finance, HR, etc).


The content will be finalised on discussion with the company in advance of running this session, but suggested content includes:

  • Review of previous negotiations
  • Review of current agreement - what works, what doesn't work, what changes are you looking for?
  • Current market analysis - political, socio-economic, company financial position and projections, union activity and current campaigns
  • Power analysis - strengths and weaknesses of each party
  • The company negotiating team - Who will be there? What skills do they have?
  • The employees' negotiating team - Who do we think will be there? What skills do they have?
  • Assessment of potential claims
  • Contingency planning

Please note, the workshop program may be subject to minor content and session order changes. 

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