Advanced Enterprise Negotiations: Strategic Preparation and Tactics (Virtual)

Become a master at enterprise negotiations with our 2-day Virtual specialist workshop focusing on Strategic Preparation and Tactics for successful enterprise bargaining.

Taking you beyond the fundamentals, we bring you up to date on the latest bargaining trends, walk you through end-to-end strategic preparation, including communications and engagement, teach you how to achieve greater flexibility and productivity gains through enterprise bargaining, and equip you with advanced negotiation tactics and techniques so you remain confident and in control at the bargaining table.

This program has been designed specifically for those who have experience in negotiating enterprise agreements but want to take their skills to the next level, or those who have completed our fundamentals course EA Negotiations: Essential Steps for Business Professionals

Participants are expected to bring their own Enterprise Agreement for analysis and discussion.

This advanced workshop is presented by negotiating specialists.

Your Learnings include:

  • Understanding the current trends in Enterprise Bargaining - Australia and what to watch out for in your upcoming bargaining round
  • Applying a strategic and tactical approach to your negotiations by ensuring you have an effective Enterprise Agreement Negotiation Strategy and Plan prior to commencing bargaining
  • How to complete an EA Audit for strategic alignment and productivity gains (The EA Efficiency Audit). Is your Enterprise Agreement driving the right outcomes for your organisation?
  • How to develop an effective Communication and Engagement Strategy to support successful bargaining outcomes
  • How to prepare for negotiations by exploring the other side's position  
  • Identifying and acquiring the skills to deal with tricky enterprise bargaining pain points - we workshop some tricky scenarios
  • To bargain or not to bargain - key strategic considerations and risk assessment
  • How to reform Enterprise Agreements towards more flexibility and productivity
  • Practical tactical tools and techniques to ensure you remain unfazed and in control at the bargaining table
  • How to choose and adapt to different negotiation styles

BONUS supporting resources!

Materials to help you strategically prepare and stay on top of it all!

Because we love to provide as much value as possible to our workshop attendees, when you attend this training not only do you receive a detailed resource workbook, you will also be provided with a suite of practical documents and templates designed to assist you with developing your Enterprise Agreement Negotiation Strategy and support you during the course of bargaining.

Our clients and past workshop attendees have found the practical material extremely valuable and useful when preparing for and running their Enterprise Agreement Negotiations.


Free Laser Consult!

Each organisation that registers for this course receives a free one-hour Laser Consult with one of our specialist consultants valued at $495!*

*valid for 3 months from training date

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A 2-day specialist workshop focusing on current trends, advanced strategic preparation for productivity and efficiency outcomes, and practical tactics and techniques to remain in control at the bargaining table.


To get the best value from this workshop experience, attendees should ideally have previously been exposed to, or been directly involved in a union negotiation or have attended our comprehensive foundation course EA Negotiations: The Essential Steps for Business Professionals


9.00am - 3.00pm

A detailed overview of bargaining trends and activity across Australia

  • What is going on in the current economic & political environment
  • Specific union activity
  • New claims
  • Developing and hot topics

Strategy, Mandate and Bargaining Authority

  • Developing a strategy for a complex negotiating environment.  What factors need careful consideration?
  • The EA Efficiency Audit
  • What to include when recommending a mandate to a board or executive leadership team
  • Who has the authority to bargain and to what extent?
  • Considerations for employers to bargain or not to bargain.  An assessment of risks & benefits for different approaches

Conducting the bargaining

  • Negotiating Styles and Interactive behaviour
  • Communication skills for reaching agreement
  • Best behaviours for influencing the pace and content of negotiations
  • Identifying the best person to lead

Negotiating Tactics

  • An overview of the current union tactics used in today’s bargaining events across Australia
  • Useful tactics for management teams to succeed at the bargaining table
  • A user-friendly small group exercise on how to put your learning into action and apply techniques and methods discussed in a supportive and friendly environment.


9.00am - 3.00pm

An Opportunity to Reset and Update

  • Identify restrictive and problematic clauses in your Enterprise Agreement
  • Problem solve one major issue in each EA in a small group, confidential discussion
  • Know what to expect: Insights into relevant case law

Communication and Engagement

  • Steps for developing strategic employee engagement approach
  • Using template to commence your C&E strategy
  • Analysis and review

Practical negotiations – what really happens?

  • Practical and very realistic simulations, which allows participants, as part of a group, to test and experiment with the new techniques and methods learnt
  • Both groups are guided and coached by an experienced negotiator throughout. This happens in a relaxed, friendly, no-stress environment!


Please note, the workshop program may be subject to minor content and session order changes. 



  • To take part in this training, all participants must have a reliable internet connection with the ability to support video conferencing
  • The video conferencing platform is determined by Adelhelm and Associates and all links to the sessions will be provided
  • The training has a Camera On, Sound On Policy. This is an interactive training between all participants and the facilitator, and also involves break out discussions and exercises in smaller groups. As such, learnings can only be fully achieved when all participants engage in the training via video link.
  • This is a safe, facilitated training environment. All participants must treat each other with respect and courtesy. Where case studies and exercises call for experimentation with negotiating behaviours, de-briefing will be conducted by the facilitator.
  • The workshop is supported by a workbook and various training materials that will be sent in advance to the participant. It is the participant’s responsibility to ensure they have all the provided materials accessible during the training.     
  • The training builds sequentially over the sessions building practical learning on theoretical content, case studies and group work. As such, learnings can only be fully achieved when all participants engage in each session. The training is not designed for partial or drop-in, drop-out attendance

Advanced Enterprise Negotiations: Strategic Preparation and Tactics (Virtual)
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Location & Date
Virtual - July 28-29 2021
AU$1,745.00* - One Attendee
AU$1,745.00* - Second Attendee (from the same organisation)

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