Strategic Negotiations to Modernise your Agreement

9am – 12:30pm

Adelhelm IR Solutions: The first part of a series of morning sessions that focus on current, topical IR & Negotiating issues that require urgent discussion and solution. 

The recently elected Morrison government has come as a surprise to many. We anticipate little IR change. Employers have had a lucky escape considering the opposition Labour Party IR reform agenda. Employers should not feel empowered to exploit employee wages, work conditions or refuse to bargain, whilst the union movement is in disarray. This will only come around and bite you in the posterior.

Unions are searching for legitimacy and a way to increase their membership, whilst racked with internal scandals and political strife. Employers should take this opportunity to take out restrictive clauses and legacy issues from Enterprise Agreements. We know this can be challenging at the best of times, however if improved productivity is the goal, then modernising agreements have a huge impact on this.

As an employer your nirvana is having engaged employees who are genuinely committed to your organisation. Modernising agreements means modernising attitudes and behaviour when it comes to effective bargaining.  In this session, Dr Rosemary McCallum, a leading engagement expert, shares how strategic engagement is critical to effective bargaining when the aim is agreement modernisation.

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Key Topics

  • Bargaining in a liberal coalition environment. Key strategic approaches to modernise your agreement - Deborah Lindemann, Principal Consultant - Adelhelm & Associates
  • Current trends in negotiated wage outcomes and how this will affect your bargaining - Linda Nunn, Consultant - Adelhelm & Associates
  • Strategic engagement to enhance bargaining. Communications & engagement techniques for getting employees on board - GUEST SPEAKER - Dr Rosemary McCallum
  • The union crisis: Are unions too preoccupied with internal affairs for effective bargaining or still a force to be reckoned with? - Nick Church, Consultant - Adelhelm & Associates
  • Q&A

Strategic Negotiations to Modernise your Agreement
Melbourne The Rendezvous Melbourne CBD
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Location & Date
Melbourne - August 14 2019
AU$249.00* - One Attendee
AU$199.00* - Second Attendee (from the same organisation)

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