IR Skills for Frontline Managers and Supervisors

1 day workshop

For inhouse training of four or more participants more competitive pricing is available.

The program for supervisors and frontline managers that equips them with the day-to-day workplace and industrial skills and understating of strategy. The program focusses on improving outcomes in people and union management.

Who Should Attend

  • Supervisors
  • Frontline Managers
  • Team Leaders
  • Foreman
  • Charge-Hands 
  • Shift Leaders.

Learning Outcomes


Frontline Managers and Supervisors are the key relationship-builders in most organisations. They deal with employees on an ongoing day-to-day basis and therefore develop individual and team relationships – positive or negative.  

 They have a huge influence on employee morale, individual worker attitude, productivity, and employment relations. 

  • Learn how to optimise day-to-day front-line WR/IR Management for healthy morale and fewer workplace disputes
  • Key attributes of good front-line managers and supervisors
  • Understand how unions function and how to deal with them effectively on the floor

Key Content

  • What makes a good front-line manager?
  • Lead, communicate and influence effectively on the floor
  • Recognising the causes of conflict
  • Understanding the power of praise and recognition
  • Handling the poor work performer
  • Understand how attitude and behaviour effects productivity
  • The informal and formal approach to discipline
  • Understanding unions – how they function and organise
  • The key role of different levels of management in IR
  • Effectively communicating and managing employee representatives and/or delegates
  • EA negotiations and how this process impacts on the Supervisor/Frontline Manager

Please note: the workshop program may be subject to minor content changes

Value Adds

  • Each organisation receives a FREE one-hour Laser Consult with one of our specialist consultants valued at $495* (Valid 3 months from the training date)
  • Participants get a comprehensive workbook including a template for a business case and negotiation mandate

Workshop price