Adelhelm Australia to de-mystify industrial relations in 2022


Workplace and industrial relations were forever changed by the pandemic challenges of the last two years, so in 2022 a new direction in the sector will commence with the launch of Adelhelm Australia.

Adelhelm Australia has evolved from the international group Adelhelm & Associates and will bring a new look to the traditional perceptions of industrial relations.

Adelhelm Australia is female owned and led by Managing Director Deborah Lindemann with her philosophy around changing the dynamics of industrial relations for Australian business.

“For too long Industrial and workplace relations has been a daunting prospect for business based on conflict. It doesn’t have to be this way and Adelhelm Australia’s philosophy is based around collaboration to prevent disputes and increase productivity,” Ms Lindemann said.

“Industrial relations have been over-complicated in Australia, so we aim to de-mystify it for business and the public. We educate how proactive work with your employees can turn a perceived negative into a catalyst for success in Australian business.”

Alongside Ms Lindemann as another leader of Adelhelm Australia will be Principal Consultant Nicole Walsh, while international founder of Adelhelm & Associates Fred Adelhelm will also be involved in Australian operations.

“Industrial and workplace relations in Australia is a traditionally male domain, dominated by the conventions of older generations,” says Ms Lindemann.

“Adelhelm Australia is more reflective of today’s workforce, we are younger, female-led and believe in collaboration. We see this as the future of industrial and workplace relations in Australia.”