At Adelhelm Australia we can tailor our service to your needs with consultants based across the country alongside digital service delivery options.

Who is Adelhelm Australia?

Adelhelm Australia is led by Managing Director Deborah Lindemann, closely supported by its original founder Fred Adelhelm, who plays a key role in its senior consultancy team. 

Our team of consultants work with a range of clients across varied industries in all parts of Australia to de-mystify workplace and industrial relations.

Our day-to-day advice and management, strategy development and implementation, and education programs will strengthen your relationships with employees and make cultural changes to decrease your dispute risk.  

Why is Adelhelm Australia different?

Adelhelm de-mystifies workplace relations by implementing strategy, advising executives, training your management, and working with your employees to enhance productivity and minimise disputes before they happen. 

Adelhelm believes you should have an ongoing Workplace and Industrial Relations relationship with your employees that improves through strategic advice and education, without damaging flashpoints. 

The longer we work with you, the stronger the partnership with management and employees will be. 

Not only will it mitigate risk of dispute, Adelhelm Australia will partner with you on strategies that can enhance the engagement and productivity of your workforce.    

Adelhelm Australia is the most accessible Workplace and Industrial Relations consultancy in Australia as we provide the advice and information you need, in your language. 

Why is Adelhelm Australia for you?

If you’re a forward-thinking organisation that wants to break the shackles of the old ways of Workplace and Industrial Relations, Adelhelm Australia is for you

If you want to improve your workforce’s productivity, engagement and reduce your risk of workplace disputes, Adelhelm Australia is for you

Our strategic advice, education and training offering can guide you to healthier relationships with your workforce that improves your bottom line

If you understand Workplace and Industrial Relations but want to move from reactive responses, to proactive, strategic, preventative approaches, Adelhelm Australia is for you

We will help turn the disruption of dealing with Workplace and Industrial relations into a positive to your productivity. 

If you find everything around Workplace and Industrial Relations convoluted and difficult to understand, Adelhelm Australia is for you.

We will de-mystify it and streamline your managerial practices, decision making and risk management strategies.

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